Part 1: Technology and Information Retrieval Basics

1. Describe three proprietary and one open source software package you’ve used. Discuss the pros and cons of open source software.

2. Describe the electronic and digital storage devices you use right now and why.

3. Share a favorite website. Provide a shortened URL for a page within this website created with one of the popular URL shorteners.

4. Subscribe to the LIS department e-­‐mail list at SOIC-­‐LIS-­‐INDY-­‐ Share a posting that you’ve read on this list.

5. In 3-­‐4 sentences, discuss the pros and cons of synchronous and asynchronous communication in a graduate course.

6. In 3-­‐4 sentences, describe a formal research or inquiry process you’ve used in the past. Did it work well? Why or why not?

7. Search Google using an image in the Google Image Search. Provide the image and a screen capture of the search results. Discuss when this option might be useful.

8. Evaluate a website using specific web evaluation criteria. Provide the criteria and your evaluation.


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